Seamen's Club Constanța, România

Revista: SLN Heading nr.1 (1)
Capitol: Seamen's Club
Pagina: 32-33
Autor: Valentin Dumitru - Redactor șef adjunct revista Cap Compas

Cod articol: #1-29-248

Dear Seafarers, Constanța Seamen's Club is happy to have a large free port, where a lot of foreign ships come in and a large number of seafarers visit the city. We are proud to have a Seamen's Club just above the port, opened in 2003, updated and ready to answer to all seamen requirements. After a long, stressful period on the sea, a warm, friendly atmosphere is exactly what a seafarer needs. Seamen's Club offers you many possibilities to relax such as playing pool, table tennis or watching TV. Many of you have not heard from your family for a long time. We offer you the possibility to communicate by phone or Internet (VOIP). Our endorsement also includes a library and a fitness hall. Seamen's Club is dedicated to serve all the seafarers, so out team will try to accomplish all your demands and will offer counsel regarding your needs. After a short visit on board, our bus is at your disposal: you can visit the city, go shopping or come to Seamen's Club. You are welcome to visit ITF International Seamen's Club from Constanța, Romania. All the services are in accordance with ILO 163 Welfare Convention, special created for you.