Seafarers are at the end of their powers

Revista: SLN Heading nr.1 (1)
Capitol: SLN
Pagina: 4-5
Autor: Adrian Mihălcioiu - Președinte SLN

Cod articol: #1-1-234

 The world is dangerously close to a shipping crisis if urgent action is not taken. The borders of the states will remain closed for a while, the regular flights will not fly for a long time and the governments of the countries still do not seem to pay attention to the vital sector of the World Economy. Every day, almost 1 million sailors are on duty on the seas and oceans of the world. The governments of the world with a few exceptions are still undecided and seem to take care only about their citizens, ignoring the desperate messages of seafarers and their organizations, international maritime organizations. Seafarers are at the end of their powers, they need medical assistance and for most of them their meeting with a doctor is not approved but only treatments are prescribed; only extreme urgency is taken into account. The future looks dangerous, the present situation seems to continue for a long time and even to deteriorate. The hope is the practical dedicated, not only declarative, of the "green corridors" for seafarers, to resume special flights only for them to move freely from home to ship and from ship to home. Shipowners should be aware that crew exchanges are becoming more expensive and will increase in value as they continue to be delayed. The union is having intense discussions and exchange many messages with representatives of ministries involved in legislation, with shipowners who want to organize charter flights or who propose deviations from the voyages of ships arriving in the Black Sea to pass through Constantza in order to exchange crews and others who will have to repatriate seafarers with special situations. There are many problems in these complicated days all over the world, no one stands out. There are seafarers who stayed in airports and others who are stuck on ships waiting for repatriation for weeks with suspended salaries, is a Romanian seafarer on an abandoned ship in a port of a country from which no airline takes off or lands. And yet today is May 1, Labor Day, a day that has not been so hard in the world for almost a century. Let's use this day to put it at the service of the workers who are on duty now in order that those who stay at home these days to have all what they need. Let's sound the HORN today for problems at sea, for those at home who have run out of resources and for those on ships that are at the limit, for a fair transport and safe jobs. Enough is Enough ! Happy day to international transport workers! Happy day to all those who work! Amongst of thousands of ship, a Romanian captain made his ship HORN hear today 1st May 2020 - 12:00lt.